By: Daniel C. Finley

Who Is on Your Thank-You List?

During the holiday season, financial advisors find themselves busy finishing year end business activities as well as juggling personal lives and events. As a result, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day seem to pass us by in a blink of an eye.  That is why, it is more important than ever to take a moment to reflect back on this past year as it will help you forecast the next one.

Take for example what one of my former financial advisor clients—Michael—did last year.

At the end of a work day in mid-December, I received an unexpected call from Michael who had just finished our 24-week mastermind group coaching program.

“Dan, I just wanted you to know that my family and I have just returned from a two week vacation in Europe. If you recall, it was my year end reward for accomplishing my yearly goals”, he said with pride.

“Congratulations! I am glad that you achieved your goals and that you did in fact take the time to reward yourself.” I replied.

“Thanks! The reason for my call is that I wanted to let you know that I am contacting the five people who had the most impact on me this year”, he stated casually.

I paused before replying assuming that before he made those calls he wanted some direction from me as his coach on how to map out the conversation. “I think it’s a great idea! How can I help?”

“Well, you already did” he said confidently, “You are one of those five people.”

I thanked him and we took some time to catch up. As I hung up the phone with him it occurred to me that very few of us really take the time to give thanks to those individuals who have made a difference in our lives.

This conversation with Michael now makes me ask my clients (and myself) each year—“Who is on your/my thank-you list?”

One of the ways to map out that answer is to simply make a list. Review your year’s top five successes, major milestones or “a-ha” moments both of a personal and professional nature. Then, ask yourself, “Who was the one person that help contribute most to each of those?”

Once you know who those five people are, it is time to pick up the phone to explain why you are calling. Share with them why they made your list and watch the conversation unfold; you may be surprised at how you can make an impact on them with your genuine gratitude!

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