By: Daniel C. Finley

The Seriousness of Success

During a complimentary group coaching session with sixty financial advisors, I made a special announcement that for a limited time we would offer a very low monthly payment plan option on our upcoming group coaching series to anyone with five years or less in the business. I did this to try and help those in need who did not have the necessary funds for coaching.

The caveat to this deal was that we were only taking the first ten people who emailed me with their interest.  Within minutes, we had more than ten people contact me. However, only one ended up actually signing up for our group coaching program. My first thought was that the others simply didn’t see our follow-up email with the registration link. After calling the entire list twice and speaking with many of the advisors I made the realization that the real reason they were not following through on their initial interest was that they simply were not serious about their own success (and it had nothing to do with money afterall).

The following are just of few examples of what I have found with my successful client advisors:

  1. They Are Serious about Commitment

Successful advisors know that making a commitment to “own” your success is not a gray area—either you are committed to succeed or you are not. This doesn’t eliminate setbacks but instead redefines them as opportunities to learn and move forward.

  • They Are Serious about Character

Successful advisors know that doing the right thing for the client is much more important than earning a commission. They say what they mean and they stick to their word.

  •  They Are Serious about Consequences

Successful advisors know that they are responsible for their own success, not their firm, their clients, the market or the economy. They realize that it is pointless to blame others.

  • They Are Serious about Collaboration

Successful advisors find others to help build and maintain a thriving practice. They utilize their firm’s resources and expertise. They often times build teams with other like-minded advisors or hire junior advisors to delegate activities to that they themselves don’t like to do.

  • They Are Serious about Control

Successful advisors know what is and is not in their control.  They CAN control their attitude, activities and actions. They don’t worry about things that they cannot control such as their clients’ attitudes, the market and the overall economy.

Obviously, I’m not saying you can’t have fun in your business but I am saying that if you want to get to the next level with your practice it’s time to get serious about your own success! Nobody else can or will do it for you.

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