By: Daniel C. Finley

The Power of Client Appreciation Events

Spring is in full swing and summer is just weeks away, however you may be wondering how you can actually enjoy the season of lengthening days and warming sunshine all the while still building, maintaining and running a successful business.

One of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather season(s) and show your clients that you care is to offer client appreciation events. Hosting a client appreciation event is a great way to connect your clients with one another. Client appreciation events should be viewed as a business strategy—a set of business activities designed for a specific purpose—in this case, to increase client retention and possibly to cultivate new client relationships. Conversely, if you view your client appreciation events as just a social gathering with no purpose in mind, that is exactly what you will get—a nice gathering but nothing necessarily gained from it.

After speaking to a number of my financial advisor clients, I have found that the following steps are keys to coordinating successful client appreciation events (indoors or out).

Follow Your Passion

If you are passionate about boating, then host a dinner cruise. If you are passionate about the movies, get a permit to put up a screen in a local park; if you are passionate about fine wines, host an outdoor wine tasting event.

You are more apt to enjoy promoting and attending the event if you are passionate about the type of activity you decide to host.

Co-Host Your Event

If you wish to increase the number of prospects attending your event, while decreasing the cost, you will want to co-host your event with a “center of influence, someone with whom you have something in common with—namely your key clients!

What better way to cement your relationships with key clients than to be seen co-hosting a client appreciation event with their attorney or C.P.A.? It also allows you to share the limelight in front of your co-host’s clients. This is a great way to get a passive endorsement to prospects.

Delegate Details

If you wish to have a successful client appreciation event, it is important to find a detailed-oriented associate advisor, assistant or significant other who loves to plan! Let someone else take care of the details while you take care of spreading the word!

Making the most of spring-like weather and offering events outside is a terrific way to change things up from the more traditional dinners at restaurants or cocktail parties and allows everyone to enjoy some fresh air.

Following these simple “rules” will help you show your clients that you value and respect the business that they bring you, with hopes that by doing so your clients will value and respect your services even more.

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