By: Daniel C. Finley

5 Steps to the Agreement Close

Have you ever noticed that one of the most amazing moments is when one of your prospects comes to the conclusion that they want to buy? What a terrific feeling to know that they are in agreement that your recommendations are the solutions to their financial challenges.

Did you know that you can actually use a method I call, The Art of the Agreement, to close a sale or secure setting an appointment?  It’s what I refer to as The Agreement Close and all it takes is you knowing the steps to help “walk” a prospect to that point.

At some point in your career you will realize that prospects and clients alike enjoy talking about themselves. And, why not? It’s a subject that they are very familiar with. During these moments of revelation you may make a realization that they have a real challenge and that YOU have the solution. However, just telling them this is not an effective strategy to making a good connection.

Instead, help them come to this conclusion by using the following steps:

  1. The Prospect’s Key Closing Phrase

One of the most important things to remember when using The Agreement Close is to know when to begin. Ironically, the prospect will unknowingly tell you when that is by making a statement or using a phrase that indicates they are a little lost, frustrated or unsure about something you know you can help them with. The following is an example:

Prospect: “I’m not really sure how I’m doing with my portfolio.”

  • Empathy/ Acknowledgement

At this point, just taking the time to empathize or even acknowledging what they said can go a long ways in building a connection because it helps the prospect know that you truly and genuinely understand. Try something as simple as this:

Advisor:    “I completely understand, most people don’t know how their portfolio is doing.”

  • Agreement Close

Next, we need to strengthen the connection by agreeing with them. This is a very important step because the prospect will find it very difficult to disagree with you for agreeing with them. The following is an example:

Advisor:    “And, that’s exactly why we should get together”

  • Benefit Statements

At this point, you need to add to the statement above and clarify why you said what you said (aka The Agreement Close) so that the prospect understands what the benefits are to them. Once you do, they will soon be agreeing with you! Here is a brief example:

“You don’t want to realize that you are taking too much risk after the market goes down and you lose a lot of money.”

  • Final Close

All you need to do now is ask for the order! Try this alternative close:

Advisor:    “Do you have time to meet Tuesday at 3:00 or Wednesday at 4:00, which time works better for you?”

Prospect:  “Tuesday at 3:00.”

Why The Agreement Close Works:

As you read through the dialogue, did you understand how the prospect might feel during this conversation? If so, you already understand why this works. If not, let me explain that he reason why The Agreement Close works is because you are agreeing with the prospect ( their Key Closing Phrase) and explaining to them how moving forward with you will help them most. In other words, you are acknowledging their challenge, agreeing that it is a valid challenge and that is exactly why they need your solutions.

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